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2016 Men’s Fashion Trends

Bomber Jackets

These are here to save you just in time for winter. While 2015 was arguably the year of the leather jacket, it’s bombers all the way in 2016. Which is great, because they’re warmer and more practical than leather jackets anyway. We love the versatility of them, and they’re perfect for a casual night out at the bar or watching the game. Key colours are grey, navy and dark brown – nice and wintery, without being too bland.


Yep, just that. Green. It’s the new black this season, and green is a hue that suits everyone if you get the right shade. Try a dark green knitted sweater, an olive green beanie or a forest green scarf. If you’re feeling bold, dark green is a good shade for chinos too.

The Cuban Shirt

You might prefer to think of these as 50’s shirts. Brightly coloured, with open collars and short sleeves. Think of an American bowling alley and the shirts they wear in the movies and you’re pretty much on track. These were all over the runways this year, and are set to be big. Rock this trend by choosing a fitted style with classic prints and colours. Pair it with chinos or straight leg trousers, and if you want to really look the part, tuck it in and show off a thin leather belt.

Natural Fragrances

Not natural in the sense that it’s made out of compost or anything, but men’s cologne and fragrance trends this year are centred around woody, earthy scents with notes of citrus and minerals. Go for something light and refreshing in summer – think spearmint, basil or marine notes. In winter, pick something heavy, with an oak or wood note about it and hints of grapefruit or amber.


You’ve seen this already, but 2016 is going to take it to new heights. With the popularity of sweatpants, Chuck Taylors, Nike roshes and hoodies growing ever stronger, prepare to channel your inner high school jock. Bomber jackets, as mentioned above, are a decent start. As are slim fit sweatshirts, athletics sneakers and even printed running shorts. Remember, comfortable and cozy is cool. Shabby and ill-fitting is not.