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Monthly Archives: July 2018

Buying Formal Evening Gowns?, Here Its Tips

Assessment of your personal style

Your personal style is extremely important. For this purpose, you need to determine your body shape as it is quite crucial in finding your evening gown. These evening gowns are also available in various designs such as backless, halter and strapless. Just by knowing the shape of your body, you will know what all the gown styles can be used.

Do you want to wear it more than once?

Your usage is also an important thing that you must take into consideration. This price of the gown can also reflect on how much exactly you are able to use the gown. High quality gowns will obviously last longer than other low quality dresses. Thus you will need to focus on the formal evening gowns in order to know their superb quality as well.

Set a fixed budget

The first step is to fix a budget and stick with it. You can find evening gowns in a variety of price ranges and this depends on the exclusiveness of the dress. You can also leave some extra money for all accessories such as a pair of heels, makeup, purse, jewelry and shawl. In case you are looking for a bargain, you can look for it in the off- season.


No matter what the quality, the appearance is not going to matter much if the color of your dress is not appropriate enough. Picking the right colors is not only important but it can also be extremely confusing because there are so many choices right there at your disposal. Choosing the color is important and vital as many evening gowns are also judged on the basis of color. There is also no room for error here.

One size will not fit all

Yes, it is true that one size will not fit all. There are different sizes for different people and all these different sizes have their very own essence. You need to make sure that the size you select is appropriate to you.


Men Summer Shorts

This late spring flavor up your easygoing style with some splendid new hues, outlines, fascinating examples and solace. Summer is about backing off to unwind and simply getting a charge out of the daylight. Time to draw out your bright shirts, shirts and obviously, your shorts.

Shorts may not be in the best taste for some men yet are a splendid method for brandishing some genuine style. Summer is about putting forth a vivid expression and alongside your stockpile of shirts, picking to include onto the mold craze with shorts gives you great measure of use to put forth one serious proclamation particularly when you are hanging out a ton with your companions and are going to shoreline gatherings and stuff. Also, bear in mind that the greater part of this visual goodness accompanies a ton of solace, exactly what you have to beat the warmth. Add some late spring shorts to your closet, and prepare to investigate an invigorating new change in your get-away and shoreline look.

Shorts are cool, their history certainly suggests that. They came about out of a need for comfort. In the middle of the 20th century, British soldiers stationed in places with tropical climates wanted something more comfortable and bearable and hence came the concept of the silhouette shorts or the modern shorts as the way we have come to know them now. As has been in the case of many popular fashions like denim jeans and polo shirts, variations began to happen based on usability and looks which has led to the wide variety of choices available today. Shorts really are the most practical apparel for wearing especially during summer. Once you give in to the beckoning of its charm, you can simply revolutionize the way you look in your casual clothes.

This summer, check out the styles of shorts available and organize your casual fashion according to the style they carry. Shorts are versatile and you can even classify them into dressy, casual, denim, swimwear and the immortal sports shorts. That is right, given the number of options available, there is a lot of scope for you to be able to plan your fashion well ahead.

Chinos are the classy ‘dressy’ shorts. They are basically trousers cut off at the knees and have a formal vibe to them, despite being casuals. Wear them with casual shirts and approach them like, trousers or pants and you have a unique style that you will be known for, all summer. Stock up on casual and denim shorts in plenty because they are the ones which bring out the youthfulness in you.

Denim shorts are especially cool looking since they have the same character as that of denim jeans. What this means is that you would not need to begin from scratch thinking of combinations to wear. Casual shorts, besides denim shorts also have a multitude of combinations that you can choose from, especially lighter colours and jazzy prints.

Finally come the sports oriented apparels the fashion quotient of which is beyond comparison. They make up the heart of a new trend called ‘athleisure’, where it is all about rocking the sporty look. Mix and match your t shirts with emblems and logos of sport teams with them and remain comfortable and attractive all through summer.

Digging into shorts for options to wear for the summer is something you must try. For all you know, your summer might just turn out to be really memorable.


Plus Sizes Fashion Rules

Wear black color as it gives you a slimmer appearance

Black has always come up as the rescue color for full-figured ladies because it has the reputation of camouflaging the physical imperfections in a subtle manner. At the same time, chances are that you may end up looking like a Plain Jane unless your black dress is an extraordinary one. After all, who would notice even your full figure in a simple black dress, when there are women around sporting playful colors like red, pink, orange and green?

Shed your inhibitions and flaunt your figure in vibrant colored plus size boutique clothing in the latest designs.

Steer clear of horizontal stripes

When you buy such outfits, experts will definitely caution you to keep away from horizontal stripes, but this is another rule you can dare to flout. The reason is that these stripes are believed to add to the width of the wearer, but the bold ones would rather take the risk as they can look their exuberant best with these classy stripes. And the best part is that they can experiment with color combinations.

Ditch the cliche and boost your confidence as you try these amazing straight-stripe outfits.

Don’t forget your shapewear

Most full-figured women are scared of wearing their plus size boutique clothing without shape wear but there is absolute no harm in being able to breathe better and be more comfortable without the same. Unless you plan to wear something over the top, break the shape wear rule and breathe easy.

Try your slim-fitting dresses without shape wear and you may surely consider breaking the rule the next time.

Wear your clothes on the looser side

Wearing loose, perhaps oversized clothing is a fashion blunder which most women make and continue making to such an extent that it becomes a rule for them. But this is one habit she definitely must get out of as oversized and shapeless clothing can never make anyone look and even feel good.

Wear outfits that flaunt your curves rather than conceal them, but make sure that they do not cling.

Gym Clothing Mistakes That You Should Know

Wearing Ill-Fitted Clothing

Bigger sized clothes will not make you look bigger. On the contrary, they will make you look smaller. One of the most common gym clothing mistakes include ill-fitted clothing. Not only is it uncomfortable during workouts, but they also ruin your aesthetic appeal.

Fitted clothes give you more freedom of movement, keep you comfortable, and make you look good. Whether you wear men’s tank tops, t-shirts, shorts or track pants, always make sure they fit you well. Wearing clothes that fit you well will also allow you to show off your hard earned body.

Not Wearing Moisture Wicking Clothes

The best way to stay comfortable in the gym is by wearing moisture wicking clothes. Fabrics like cotton, while otherwise comfortable, can make you uneasy in the gym since they tend to absorb moisture. Workout clothes are generally made of polyester and Lycra blends that are designed to keep perspiration away from your body. Moisture wicking clothes last longer, dry faster, and keep you comfortable.

Wearing Too Much Cologne

Keep in mind that in a gym people work out close by to one another. Therefore, it is advisable to go easy on the perfume/deo/cologne. It is okay to spray a little on to smell fresh, but you needn’t marinate in it. The way to smell fresh always is to have proper hygiene. While it’s okay to smell like sweat at the gym, having proper hygiene and wearing clothes that are washed and clean will not make you stink, and will also prevent bacteria as a result of accumulated sweat.

Wearing Slippers

Flip-flops, sandals, or anything that belongs to the family of slippers is not gym appropriate footwear. In fact, your gym footwear should be entirely separate from the ones you wear everywhere else. Not only is regular footwear damaging to your feet when you do vigorous exercise in them, but they also carry in the dirt and dust from outside and make the gym unclean. And no, working out in socks is wrong too.

Invest in a pair or two of exercise or training shoes that you will wear solely at the gym. They provide support, comfort, and you wouldn’t be making a mess or looking stupid either.

Wearing Jewellery

The gym isn’t a party. People go there to exercise and get sweaty, not to show off their accessories. Therefore, leave your jewellery at home before heading to the gym.

Long necklaces can get tangled in the machine, rings can become scratched distorted and can bruise your fingers, and sweat can react with metals and cause allergies. Rings, bracelets, earrings may even fall off and get lost. Most importantly, jewellery makes a workout uncomfortable. Develop the habit of taking them off before you go for a workout.

Make Your Work Outfit Look Trendier

How you spruce up for your work environment is extremely fundamental for your expert picture. The greater part of the corporate workplaces and other work places have their own particular code of clothing. In any case, regardless of the possibility that your office doesn’t concoct a strict code of dressing, you have to spruce up appropriately and keep up the identity quality as a part of your identity.

You don’t have to go in the deep rooted formal path on all the working days with the exhausting pant and formal shirt. Or maybe simply include a tasteful kind of calfskin and make your formal clothing for office trendier than any time in recent memory.

Leather formal jacket for the classy look

Leather is known for its high durability and flexibility Formal leather jackets for women can make any boring corporate outfit of yours outshine others at your workplace. Looking smart and classy at your workplace is an absolute essential. Leather makes an excellent investment when it comes to protecting your clothes underneath it. Pair yourage old formal white shirt and black pants leather formal jacket for women and leather shoes or formal leather boots to make an ultimate style statement at your workplace.

Slick look for office party or any such corporate event

You have an office party to attend, that too after attending a high profile meeting. Surely you are tensed, as to how to look ready for the party post a meeting?No worries, the leather does the magic for you. With an event awaiting you post a corporate meeting or seminar you can opt for the slick party look. Shoving aside the traditional plain white or grey shirt teamed with a formal trouser- look, you can simply bring in a leather skirt. A leather skirt is always in style, and wearing an office party can be fair enough. All you need to do is reassure length of the skirt to make sure it’s appropriate for your work space, and not to forget, check that when you sit, your skirt shortens by around three inches and not more than that. Be assured that you are able to move freely in a few light dance moves, in case you need to join the dancefloor in the corporate.